Navan, Ireland, 14 June 2016. Lazar, the latest multi-purpose armoured 8 x 8 vehicle from Yugoimport-SDPR, has undergone successful user trials, demonstrating the vehicle’s mobility in hard environments and across extreme terrain.
Core to the vehicle’s drive system are the driveline, axles, steering system and transfer case, all designed by Timoney. Timoney’s modular architecture, enabling quick and effective proving of systems, has facilitated the Yugoimport vehicle’s mobility system.
The contract called for an initial order of 12 sets of equipment, with further orders depending on sales of the vehicle. These have been produced and delivered by Timoney’s key production partner Texelis.
“This contract with Yugoimport demonstrates Timoney’s way of doing business,” said Shane O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer of Timoney. “We design, develop and prove our below-the-hull systems before working with our key partners who have strong production capabilities, to deliver the equipment to the customer.”.
The Lazar 8 x 8 has been designed to operate in a wide range of situations from medium-level armed conflicts to anti-terrorist and peacekeeping actions, where high mobility and tight turning circles are a key part of the vehicle’s capability.
A prime example of Timoney’s end-to-end solutions through partnership and integration