Moscow. 21 August 2022. The winners of the Ship Anti-Terror stage of the Seaborne Assault 2022 international competition have been selected. The best pistol shooter was from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In second place is the representative of the Russian Federation. Third place went to a soldier from Iran.

The best machine gunner was the soldier of the team representing Iran. Second and third place were shared by representatives of the Russian and Venezuelan teams.

In rifle shooting, the Russian Marines won all the prizes. A soldier from the Islamic Republic of Iran was the best in the precision throwing category, scoring the highest number of points.

Seaborne Assault international competition will take place as part of International Army Games 2022 at Baltic Fleet’s Hmelevka training ground from August 13 to 27. Military personnel from Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Tajikistan, South Ossetia and Guinea are taking part. The next stage of Relay will take place on August 24. Entrance to the competition is free for spectators.