Moscow. 22 August 2022. The referee committee of Tank Biathlon competition has approved the results of the tankers’ performance during the first stage – the Individual Race.

A total of 61 crews from 21 countries took part in the competition. Following the results of the performance in 2021, the teams were divided into two subgroups. In the first, teams from Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Vietnam competed. The second consists of Abkhazia, Armenia, Iran, Laos, Mali, Myanmar, South Ossetia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan and Zimbabwe.

The best crews were determined in each subgroup. The best crews in Subgroup 1 were the first crew of the Russian team, second place went to the third crew from the Russian team, and third place went to the third crew from Belarus.

In Subgroup 2, the Myanmar tankers performed admirably, taking first and third places. The third Syrian crew took the second place.