Moscow. 20 August 2022. At the Joint Press Centre of ARMY 2022 International Military and Technical Forum and International Army Games at the daily media briefing, Colonel General Alexander Lentsov, Chief Referee of the Games 2022, summarised the results of the 7th competition day.

Over the past 24 hours, the closing ceremony of Emergency Area competition was held, as well as competitions in 26 contests. More than 235,000 spectators attended the Games.

Six competitions were completed yesterday: Sea Cup, Meridian, Masters of Armoured Vehicle, Military Rally, Guardian of Order and Road Patrol.

Crews of Russian and Chinese surface ships shared first place in Sea Cup competition in China.

In Meridian competition in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the team from Kazakhstan came out on top, with soldiers from China and Belarus coming in second and third, respectively.

Masters of Armoured Vehicles competition has come to an end at Ostrogozhsky training ground in Voronezh region. The Russian team won, with Belarus in second place and China and Uzbekistan sharing third place.

Military Rally competition has come to an end in the Republic of Tyva. The best drivers became Russian Armed Forces’ drivers, followed by Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Guardian of Order competition, held in Patriot Park near Moscow, also came to an end yesterday. The places were shared as follows: Russia, Iran, Belarus.

Road Patrol competition has been completed in Uzbekistan. First place went to Uzbekistan, with the team from Russia in second place, and the third place was shared between teams from Belarus and Iran.

According to preliminary results, Russia is now in the lead in the overall standings of the Games 2022, with Belarus in second place and Uzbekistan in third.

Today, according to the programme of the Games, there will be a draw for the Iranian Sniper Frontier stage, competitions in 18 contests, as well as closing ceremonies in 4 competitions (Sea Cup, Engineering Formula, Masters of Armoured Vehicles, Guardian of Order).

Colonel General Alexander Lentsov concluded his speech by wishing all the participants in the Games further success and good results.

International Army Games 2022 (the Games 2022) are being held from August 13 to 27 simultaneously at 30 training grounds and 4 seas. 34 field and naval training competitions are hosted by 12 states across 3 continents.

More than 260 teams from 34 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and, for the first time, South America are taking part in the Games 2022. The most representative teams are from Belarus, Uzbekistan, Iran, Armenia and China. The total number of participants exceeds 4,500 people. For the first time, Bolivia and Rwanda participate in the Games.

Traditionally, International Army Games 2022 will finish with final relay of Tank Biathlon on August 27. The closing ceremony of the Games 2022 will be held at Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre with the participation of team representatives and the leadership of the military departments of the countries participating in the competitions.