Seattle. 06 December, 2015. Virgin Galactic is all set to reuse one of his airline’s Boeing 747s as a launch platform for sending satellite rockets into space. The repurposed airliner – which previously operated as a trans-atlantic jet under the name ‘Cosmic Girl’ – will carry the rocket booster to high altitude where it will be released to blast off into orbit.

Virgin Galactic’s Launcher One will be mounted to the former passenger jet underneath the left wing and is capable of carrying satellites and cargo into orbit. Boeing 747s have previously been used by NASA to transport the space shuttle back to base from alternative landing sites and also to transport the remaining orbiters to museums after they were decommissioned. NASA also used a modified 747 for test flights in the atmosphere involving the Enterprise space shuttle, which was the first of the fleet to be built, but which was never destined for spaceflight.