Dubai, 14th November 2019. Virgin Galactic invites you to an immersive reality experience of the world’s first commercial spaceport and showcases the world’s first commercial spacesuits. Virgin Galactic will be attending the Dubai Air show 2019, exhibiting in partnership with Mubadala Investment Company from the 17th – 21st November. The company will be exhibiting the recently revealed spacesuits, developed in collaboration with Under Armour, the world’s first such collection ever created specifically for private astronauts. Virgin Galactic will also be offering a unique, immersive and sensory VR experience that allows guests to go on a virtual guided tour around the interior of Spaceport America, New Mexico. Using state-of-the-art mixed reality technology developed by Hyper and Viewport, guests will be able to experience the surfaces and materials of Spaceport, replicating the stunning barista bar that is a centerpiece of the Gaia lounge in the Gateway To Space Building. Some of our senior team members will attend the event. Jeremy Brown, the design Director for Spaceport will be there to share further insights about the Spaceport facilities, while Tom Westray, Creative Director, will talk about his work with Under Armour to design the spacesuits. Both will share the design ethos behind each piece of work in this unique new market for commercial space travel. Please see below a quote from Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides: “We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at the 2019 Dubai Air Show, a world-class event that brings together the most exciting companies in aerospace from across the world. It’s a great opportunity for guests to come see the first spacesuit ever designed for private astronauts, and experience an immersive reality showcase of Spaceport America to get a glimpse of becoming a future astronaut with Virgin Galactic.”