Le Bourget.  June 21, 2017. United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), the innovation hub of United Technologies Corp today provides an update on the involvement of United Technologies Research Centre Ireland, Ltd. (UTRC Ireland) with the Clean Sky 2 joint undertaking and the launch of the MISSION project. Led by UTRC Ireland, MISSION aims to meet increasing demand from the aviation industry to enable the design and testing of new aircraft through a unique modelling system.

This collaborative project will assist in the design of optimized, more efficient aircraft with lower fuel burn, fewer emissions and less noise. MISSION brings together sector and industry leaders, including UTRC Ireland, UTC Aerospace Systems, Advanced Laboratory on Embedded Systems S.r.l. (ALES) (a UTRC subsidiary in Italy), dSPACE and ESI, to provide a solution to the increasing complexity of aircraft design. Together we will use integrated multi-physics modelling and multi-objective optimization to enable design, optimization and virtual testing which will allow aerospace companies to integrate new technologies and deploy next-generation aircraft more quickly and more cost-effectively.

“The launch of MISSION represents a significant step forward in the design, optimization and testing of future aircraft and will enable aerospace companies to integrate more efficiently,” said Ray Foley, Project Leader at UTRC Ireland in Cork. “As greater demand for commercial aircraft meets increased awareness of environmental impacts, this research will resonate for years to come. Our core team leading this project is uniquely qualified to accelerate this next-generation innovation in the aerospace industry.”

“Ensuring the continued advancement of environmental sustainability and the competitiveness of the European aviation industry would not be possible without the support of key European aerospace manufacturers, leading research establishments and universities,” said Ron Van Manen, Programme Manager at Clean Sky 2. “UTRC Ireland in Cork is one such key contributor. We are pleased to have UTRC Ireland leading the MISSION project as we seek to develop modelling and simulation tools that enable the quick and cost-effective deployment of future, greener aircraft.”