Moscow. 01 July 2021. The UEC-Klimov company (part of the United Engine Corporation Rostec) will present a model of a hybrid power plant (GSU) at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021.

“UEC-Klimov” in the UEC contour is determined by the main contractor and developer of the GSU demonstrator. The partner of the enterprise is the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (TsIAM) named after V.I. P.I. Baranova (part of the Scientific Research Center “Institute named after NE Zhukovsky”).

“The Institute is the main executor of a number of contracts aimed at forming an advanced scientific and technical groundwork in the field of creating electric and hybrid power plants for aircraft. We are ready to share our accumulated scientific, technical and practical experience with the industry, with the UEC,” said the General Director of CIAM Mikhail Gordin.

The UEC-Klimov enterprise has developed the concept of a GSU demonstrator. “In order to ensure the creation of the demonstrator, preliminary design estimates of the target characteristics of the electrical elements of the power plant were made, which are necessary to ensure the flight performance of potential applications,” said Vsevolod Eliseev, general designer of UEC-Klimov JSC.

The hybrid power plant of the sequential scheme will be created on the basis of the VK-650V engine. According to preliminary estimates of the engine performance, its output will be 500 kW (680 hp). Potential objects of application of GSU of this power class are promising unmanned (optionally manned) aircraft with a takeoff weight of 2-8 tons, aircraft of local airlines, light multipurpose helicopters, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

The model of the GSU can be seen at MAKS-2021 as part of the UEC exhibition exposition (Pavilion C1). In addition to the exhibits, UEC-Klimov will present presentations on its promising products, including GSU.

An important part of the UEC-Klimov participation program in MAKS-2021 is a discussion on the topic “Hybrid Power Plants in Aviation: Applications, Advantages and Prospects.” During the discussion organized by the enterprise, specialists will discuss the main advantages of using hybrid and electric power plants, consider the electrical part of the GSU as the main development factor, assess the possibilities and limitations in the operation of the GSU. Such large institutes as CIAM, MIPT, SibNIA, FPI and USATU, UZGA enterprises, NTSV Mil and Kamov, VR-Technologies, as well as representatives of aircraft operators will take part in the business event.