Paris. 15 June 2016. TDA Armaments SAS, a subsidiary of Thales, is developing applications of active protection “Hard Kill” to counter missiles and anti-tank-type rockets (RPG or rocket launcher).

Under a contract with the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), TDA Armaments SAS, with the participation of Thales optronics, conducted tests at DGA center terrestrial techniques Bourges in spring 2016. TDA has demonstrated its ability to neutralize, with a protection system demonstrator active with limited collateral effects, RPG-type rockets and compounds missiles with tandem load.

This innovative system greatly improves the protection of heavy armored vehicles and median within a hostile urban environment thanks to the very short reaction time of the application. The active protection system is an effective response to asymmetric threats and additional operational asset for land forces in external operations.

After this successful first step, TDA continues with the support of DGA, the preparatory work for future development phases.