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Andaman & Nicobar Command gets a new C-in-C

Lieutenant General Manoj Pande , a Bombay Sapper takes over New Delhi. 01 June 2020. Andaman & Nicobar Command gets a new Commander-in-Chief. Lieutenant General Manoj Pande, AVSM, VSM,Read more ›

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Lieutenant General Manoj Pande to take over as the 15th C-in-C of the Andamans & Nicobar Command

New Delhi. 31 May 2020. Lieutenant General Manoj Pande of the Corps of Engineers , Indian Army is all set to take over as the 15th C-in-C ofRead more ›

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Bombay Sappers turns 200 today

Bicentenary Commemoration Parade  enthrals all By Brig Vijay Atray ( Retd .) Pune. 01 February 2020. It is a day in the life time of the Bombay Sappers.Read more ›

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Air Display of Bombay Sappers on Day 2 of Bicentenary Celebrations

By Brig Vijay Atray( Retd.) ,Pune 30 January 2020.  The Bombay Engineer Group and Centre is celebrating two hundred glorious years in the service of the Army andRead more ›

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Wife Nb Sub Gurnam ,Ashok Chakra( posthumous ) interviewed by ADU for Bicentenary for Bombay Sappers Bicentenary special coverage

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Col D Bhardwaj Editor Post 1971 History interviewed by Managing Editor ADU Brig VK Atray (Retd.) for Bombay Sappers Bicentenary special coverage

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Bombay Sappers Relive their Past Through a grand Museum

By Brig Vijay Atray ( Retd.) Pune. 29 January 2020. Bicentenary Heritage Walk proved to be a nostalgic ride into the glorious timeline of the Bombay Sappers filledRead more ›

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Nb Sub Bhokanal Baban Dattu Gold medal men’s Quadruple Scull Asian Games Indonesia 2018 interviewed by ADU on Bombay Sappers Bicentenary

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Lt Gen Michael Mathews PVSM ,VSM ** Colonel Commandant Bombay Sappers speaking exclusively with ADU while commemorating Bombay Sappers Bicentenary at Pune

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Brig MJ Kumar ,SM Commadant Bombay Engineer Group & Centre speaking exclusively with ADU at Pune during Bicentenary celebrations of Bombay sappers

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