• The Skyzen™ design is based on Saft’s well-proven Ultra Low Maintenance (ULM)®technology that enables operators to double the service interval and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their onboard batteries.
  • Saft’s new Skyzen™ batteries have been installed on Airbus A320 single-aisle jetliners from summer 2018 onwards.

Paris. 08 April 2019. Saft Skyzen™ batteries that enable maintenance intervals to be doubled are now in service on the Airbus A320 aircraft Family.

The Skyzen™ batteries are the latest development in Saft’s ULM® range of nickel-based aviation batteries that have a well-established track record with major aircraft and helicopter manufacturers. Offering the ideal combination of high performance and ultra-low maintenance requirements, the Skyzen enables significant reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the batteries. Typically, the Skyzen™ batteries will allow maintenance intervals to be extended from 1,000 up to 2,000 flight hours.

Since summer 2018, two 28Ah Skyzen™ rechargeable batteries are being fitted on Airbus’ A320 single-aisle jetliners. They will provide safe and reliable power to start the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), as well as emergency backup for critical systems.

Saft has been active in the aviation market for more than 80 years. The Skyzen™ is the latest addition to Saft’s range of over 400 different battery designs developed to support specific customer applications.