Greenwich,London,13 September 2017. Safran Electronics & Defense, a European leader in inertial navigation and avionics, has now delivered more than 150,000 resonating gyroscopes. Safran has produced these types of gyros in volume since the early 2000s.

This technology exploits the inertial properties of stationary waves generated within a resonating structure. The structure itself may be made in various ways, depending on the properties desired, with the highest performance offered by a miniature hemispherical shell of silica, the basis of the hemispherical resonator gyro (HRG).
As the world leader in resonating gyros, Safran Electronics & Defense allows customers to benefit from the exceptional capabilities of this new generation of gyros. The HRG features a very simple mechanism and greatly reduced parts count, enabling the production of ultra-reliable, highly compact inertial systems, capable of fulfilling a wide range of performance specifications.’
These systems are used in all environments – air, land, sea and space – and for both civil and defense applications. Safran understands and applies all inertial technologies (mechanical, laser, fiber-optic, resonating), and capitalizes on more than 70 years of expertise in civil and military navigation system operating in all environments.