Paris 11 June 2018. Saab is exhibiting it’s combination of innovative thinking, in-depth knowledge and design provide smarter solutions that enhance the customer’s capabilities.

Saab’s formidable range of solutions are recognised as market leaders in their sectors. The class-leading Barracuda multispectral camoflague is renowned in the field of signature management. Two new additions to the Barracuda portfolio is also being presented at Eurosatory.

Some of the highlights at the Saab stand include:

GROUND COMBAT – the interest for light, man portable support weapons is bigger than ever. Saab will present the multi-role weapon system Carl-Gustaf® M4 with a Virtual Reality headset allowing visitors to experience operating this renowned infantry weapon. Also on show will be the AT4 family of lightweight fully disposable weapons and our shoulder launched anti-tank killer, NLAW (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon). All are easy to handle weapons systems geared to meet the operational challenges of the 21st century.

MSHORAD – Mobile Short Range Air Defence solution that effectively enables moving units to quickly identify and counter air threats. MSHORAD is comprised of the Giraffe 1X, C2 and RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon System (RWS).

GROUND BASED RADAR – with 60 years of experience at the forefront of sensor technology Saab offers a full range of high-performance radar systems for a multitude of applications and mission types within the naval domain and for weapon locating, air surveillance, and ground-based air defence. We will present Giraffe 4A, Giraffe AMB, Arthur and Giraffe 1X as a part of our MSHORAD solution.