Zhukovsky, Moscow. 25 July 2021. RED aircraft GmbH flagship engine the RED A03 has been certified and approved by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA). This certification represents a significant milestone in RED Aircraft’s progress to become one of the world’s leading producers of high-powered and fuel-efficient aero engines. This certification joins previous certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency and United States Federal Aviation Authority

RED aircraft GmbH is pleased to announce that it has been granted certification and approval by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency. The certification will allow the revolutionary RED A03 engine to be fitted and operated on Russian-registered aircraft. This important milestone is particularly important, as a new Russian-built twin-engine aircraft designed by Pro-Avia has utilised the RED A03 Engine at the design phase.

The RED A03 offers unsurpassed efficiency and impressive power to weight ratio. It offers a reduced fuel burn, excellent high-altitude performance, and significant cost savings for operators.
The engine is deployed in several diverse roles and on several different types of aircraft. The benefits are being realised across the industry, from agricultural aircraft and advanced trainer aircraft, such as the Russian-built YAK-152, to new and innovative designs. Existing types have benefited, and new types, such as the Otto Celera 500L and Airlander Hybrid Air vehicle, have also utilised the superior performance and green efficiency provided by the RED A03.

RED Aircraft’s new Head of Sales, Enrico Evers, said: –
“The RED A03 Engine, a lightweight, 12-cylinder, compression-ignition engine from RED aircraft GmbH, has been approved by the Russian Aviation authorities, thus opening the way to a vast market for the use of the RED A03 in new Russian designed aircraft as well as in some existing Russian aircraft types. The FATA approval is the latest milestone of certification for the RED A03. EASA approved this engine in 2014, followed the FAA in 2016.”

The certification by the Russian authorities is the latest in a list of approvals awarded to RED aircraft.
The granting of the FATA certification opens new and exciting possibilities in using the RED A03 engine in Russian-designed aircraft.