Tom Goodman, CISSP, Director, International Business Development, Raytheon Briefing About Cyber Security Solutions To Chaitali Bag ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video).

Hi, my name is Tom Goodman, I’m the Director of international business development for Raytheon’s intelligence information and services organisation. We’re here at IDEX and we’re talking about some of the capabilities that Raytheon offers to the region in the area of cyber security, we bring a wealth of capabilities in the area of defensive cyber security solutions. We focus on protecting the operational environment,  that you see in today’s industries, whether it’s financial services, whether its energy, whether its government, what we do as an organisation is we partner with the various ministries, private sector organisations and we help them identify where they can best apply the different types of protections that are needed to help ensure that organisations can continue to be effective, can manage any level of cyber security risk that they encounter and be able to operate through any kind of a cyber challenged environment. We recognise the fact that in today’s very data connected, data rich world that every organisation is truly dependent on ensuring that they’ve got a very good and healthy cyber security environment, in order to be able to effectively deliver their capabilities. Raytheon as an organisation, looks to partner with these different companies and help them ensure that they can achieve their operational effectiveness while at the same time, you know being able to contain the costs and being able to, at the end of the day, deliver what they need, what they’ve promised to their customers.

Raytheon as an organisation brings forward capabilities that are focused on defending an enterprise infrastructure, whether its in the financial services market or within a ministry of defence, it could be the energy sector, it could be health care, it really doesn’t matter to us at the end of the day, these are all environments that have large scale enterprises that have a wealth of information that needs to be protected, they have critical applications and infrastructures that are wholly dependent upon being available at critical times and our focus is bringing forward those capabilities that can help protect and defend that environment and ensure availability when it’s needed.

So Raytheon has enjoyed a rich partnership throughput the Middle East region with a number of different countries we’ve been very fortunate, that our relationships have been built upon a level of trust, we value that trust and we value those relationships that we’ve been able to achieve over the course of these past many years, what we focus on here in the region and it really doesn’t matter what country we’re operating in, but we focus primarily as a traditional defence systems integrator, primarily focus on defence industries, but we move into other regulated markets, energy and critical infrastructure are big markets for us. The other areas where we tend to focus is also in the area of healthcare and financial services.