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RAFAEL showcases its complete aerospace inventory

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TelAviv. 13 July 2018. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. the developer and manufacturer of advanced aerial systems provides a full aircraft munitions’ suite from reconnaissance to navigation and targeting pods, to wideband SDR communication and precise EO air-to-ground combs is showcasing all its major offerings.

Rafael is presenting the following systems:


·      SPICE FAMILY (2000, 1000, 250) – Family of stand-off air-to-ground gliding bombs based on Rafael’s unique scene-matching technology for precise hits at ranges of up to 100 km.

*New* Rafael’s SPICE-250 will also be exhibited on the Gripen (booth OE14 and on the Eurofighter aircraft, booth OE19/20.


·      *New* SKYSPOTTER – Advanced EO sensor for real-time airspace monitoring, early detection and accurate tracking of aerial objects, including drones, aircraft, UAV’s, etc. When connected to Rafael’s Drone Dome, the integrated system also enables interception of the targets, using a high-power laser beam.

·      RECCELITE XR – New generation, day/night electro-optical tactical reconnaissance pod for real-time imagery collection and data transfer.

·      LITENING 5 – Multi-spectral airborne targeting pod for targeting and designation of targets by day and night from large standoff ranges.

Drone Detection and Neutralization System:

·      DRONE DOME – Innovative end-to-end system designed to provide effective airspace defense against hostile drones. Drone Dome has 360° circular coverage and is designed to detect, track, and neutralize drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using a laser beam.

Air Defence:

·      MIC4AD – Advanced, unified, integrated Air Defense Command & Control system.

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