New Delhi. 15 August 2023. Wing Commander ShreyTomar (30170-T) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a fighter squadron. On 27 Jan 23, Wing Commander Shrey Tomar was authorised to lead a long duration Valley Flying mission. Immediately after take-off, both Engine 1 and Engine 2 Fire Warning lights came on almost simultaneously in the cockpit. This was a grave situation as lights indicated that both engines were on fire.

The pilot maintained his calm and composure, assessed the situation swiftly and took correct actions of switching off the more critical engine (No.2) before operating fire extinguisher; all this while continuing to fly a heavy aircraft on single engine. Despite being at low levels, he continued a descent to even lower altitude for ensuring availability of adequate thrust and jettisoned fuel to reduce weight. Displaying superior flying skills and good knowledge of terrain, he recovered the aircraft and avoided a catastrophic eventuality. Post flight inspection revealed that aircraft had sustained significant damage and parts of aircraft structure had been burnt and deformed due to fire on both engines.

Wing Commander Shrey Tomar, despite facing a grave situation of fire on both engines, displayed professionalism and courage of an exceptionally high order; wherein he demonstrated quick decision making and carried out a safe and expeditious single engine landing despite facing an unprecedented and a highly dynamic situation. Any delay in action or incorrect actions during a critical stage of flight could have aggravated the situation rapidly and would have led to loss of life or property or even both.

For this act of exceptional professionalism and courage, Wing Commander Shrey Tomar is awarded with the Vayu Sena Medal.