New Delhi. 15 August 2023. Squadron Leader GL Vineeth (31529) Flying (Pilot) is posted to Transport aircraft base. On 19 Oct 22, he was detailed as the captain of a transport aircraft for an instructional sortie. The sortie was uneventful until the aircraft climbed to 11000 feet in the base local flying area. While demonstrating a stall manoeuvre, a loud noise was heard by the crew and the aircraft yawed and rolled to the left viciously. The port engine oil pressure warning light came on along with master warning light, which indicated that the port engine had suffered severe mechanical damage.

Engine failure while in a stalled state of flight at low speeds with reduced control effectiveness makes the task of recovery challenging and calls for a high degree of skill levels. Any delay in regaining control of the aircraft may have resulted in the aircraft entering into spin or in a catastrophic accident.

Sqn Ldr GL Vineeth’s prompt actions and high degree of piloting skills prevented the aircraft from going into an unusual attitude. Despite experiencing a critical and undocumented emergency of a dire nature, he maintained his composure. He completed the actions for recovery from stall and promptly shut down the port engine to prevent any further damage to the engine and airframe. His exemplary piloting skills and flawless crew coordination with composed mental state under extreme adverse conditions were instrumental in successfully executing a safe single engine landing. He displayed extreme courage, high degree of situational awareness, exceptional piloting skills and a very high standard of professionalism in recovering a damaged aircraft and thereby saving its occupants.

For this act of exceptional professionalism and courage, Sqn Ldr GL Vineeth is awarded with the Vayu Sena Medal.