Le Bourget. June 20, 2017. In the weeks leading up to the Paris Airshow, Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has signed maintenance agreements for more than 300 Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) with major airlines.

“APUs are the unsung workhorses of the aviation industry and P&WC has established itself as a leading supplier of these engines which greatly lessen an aircraft’s environmental impact while on the ground, conserve fuel and assist with the operation of the aircraft,” says Marty Kessell, Vice President, APU Market, P&WC.

P&WC offers several types of APU maintenance agreements to suit our customers’ varying needs and operational environments. The pay-per-hour (PpH) plan allows the customer to make monthly payments based on a set rate for every hour flown to cover ongoing maintenance costs. The event cost plan allows the customer to pay for hours flown at the time of the shop visit for the specific maintenance event, rather than on a monthly basis. P&WC also has a material cost guarantee plan which is offered to customers who do their own repairs in their own shops.

In many cases, P&WC also provides spare-part support options which complement these APU maintenance support programs. All of P&WC’s service plans provide excellent value and flexibility to customers and allow for predictive costs.

P&WC currently has more than 6,000 APUs in service in 19 different models; the entire P&WC APU fleet has flown more than 96 million hours. Today, there are nearly 3,000 APUs currently enrolled in maintenance programs.

“Our family of APUs covers a broad variety of aircraft platforms and the critical mass of APUs we have flying has been the impetus for us to create an exceptional customer service network,” says Kessell. “We have one of the the world’s largest worldwide service networks and the most experienced service experts in the business ready to serve APU customers 24/7 virtually anywhere in the world.”