Adrien Daste / Safran
Adrien Daste / Safran

Paris. 16 June 2022. NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency), in cooperation with Safran Electronics & Defense, has received the approval from NVO (Night Vision and Optoelectronics) Support Partnership nations to start the transfer of knowledge, tools and equipment to set up a maintenance facility for JIM COMPACT multifunctional binocular at the NSPA Headquarters in Capellen, Luxembourg.

This set-up will equip the NSPA Electro-Optics Laboratory with a dedicated Test Bench to perform assembly / disassembly, adjustment operations and software updates on the JIM Compact equipment supplied by Safran Electronics & Defense. Once the bench is delivered in 2023, NSPA will achieve Level 3 Maintenance tasks on the JIM Compact.

This set-up will provide fast turn-around maintenance to nations as well as long-term life cycle savings by sharing investments in equipment, stocks and dedicated resources.

NVO Support Partnership

The NVO Support Partnership currently comprises Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Greece, The Netherlands and Norway. The scope of support includes a wide variety of products: stand-alone, integrated or networked thermal imaging, image intensifying, optical and laser systems used for observation, surveillance, target acquisition, aim, location or target designation including aiming platform or control system, as well as related accessories and support equipment.