Baltimore . 17 June, 2017 . Northrop Grumman Corporation successfully completed the first flight test of its innovative modular panel-based sensor.

The open architecture, multi-function surveillance system represents a leap forward in radar capability. Among its defining features, the radar is hardware-enabled and software-defined, allowing for rapid adjustment to emerging mission requirements by adapting new modes and capabilities, including modes developed by third parties, that best suit the threat environment.

During the exercise at Northrop Grumman’s state-of-the-art flight test facility in Baltimore, the radar performed with exceptional stability and effectively executed ground moving target indicator (GMTI) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) map modes on its maiden flight.

“Northrop Grumman is focused on equipping the warfighter for today as well as the battlespace of the future,” said Paul Kalafos, vice president, surveillance systems and electronic maneuver warfare, Northrop Grumman. “As mission requirements change, our open architecture sensor is easily adapted to remain the best tool for the mission.”