NI offerings can be seen in Hall 1, Booth 1028

Farnborough, UK. 14 July 2022. NI is showcasing its next generation of products and solutions designed to help businesses reach new levels of performance at the Farnborough Air Show.
NI, which for decades has helped the aerospace and defense industry optimize its test strategies to
meet increasingly complex requirements, will demonstrate how it is driving performance and reducing
time to market for the Aerospace industry’s top manufacturers with its Satellite Link Emulator (SLE) and
T&E Scenario Generator.

T&E Scenario Generator

As defense platforms and the battlespace environment become more complex and congested, the way
to test and validate systems and sub-systems of these platforms must evolve. Companies must now
consider how these components, sub-systems, systems and system-of-systems are tested together in an environment that is as close to possible as the real-world. Unfortunately, testing these solely in the real environment is not only time-consuming and costly, but it also presents challenges including:

● The ability to accurately represent the environment and a variety of elements such as weather,
terrain, and red and blue forces
● The potential to expose information by testing in open-air ranges

The T&E Scenario Generator brings together simulated environments, models and real systems at
various levels of fidelity. The demonstration at the Farnborough Air Show will show how industry
standards such as DIS and HLA, traditionally used within training environments and Live Virtual
Constructive (LVC) systems, can be utilized by test systems, providing more accurate and complex test
stimulus to real systems, as well as higher fidelity models to training environments.’

Satellite Link Emulator
The rapid commercialization of Low Earth orbit (LEO) and medium Earth orbit (MEO) has led to the
introduction of modern satellite-based applications like non-terrestrial networks (NTN) and high-
resolution remote sensing and imagery. The satellite constellations, ground equipment, and supporting launch vehicles designed to support these new services create new challenges in design, system
validation, and production test.
NI’s Satellite Link Emulation Demonstrator shows engineers how to effectively address some of these
challenges. The SLE is designed to validate next generation satellite datalinks by connecting simulation
software with real-time hardware in the loop (HIL) test. By integrating the Ansys STK, the simulated
links between satellite and ground stations allows for channel model parameters to be updated in real-