• Nexter, company of KNDS, presents its weapon systems that integrate the 40CTA Anglo-French weapon system on the H6-410 stand;
  • Nexter, company of KNDS, exposes its various range of solutions to prepare for future

The 40CTA: a modern gun for numerous systems 

Nexter, company of KNDS, presents the T40 turret equipped with the 40mm CTA gun system. This is an Anglo-French system made by the joint venture between Nexter and BAe Systems: CTA International (CTAI). CTAI is entirely dedicated to the production of the gun and its ammunition. It is the only company that masters the cased telescoped technology which allows the 40mm CTA ammunition to be as small as any 25mm round but as powerful as the 40mm/L40 Bofors ammunition.

It makes the whole system relatively small compared to its firepower. The T40 is, therefore, easy to integrate into the vehicles whose 1:10 mock-ups are shown at DSEI: the VBCI MkII infantry combat vehicle, a special turret on the JAGUAR combat and reconnaissance vehicle, and the land RAPIDFire made for ground and air close-in protection. Both the JAGUAR and the naval RAPIDFire are already in service within the French forces.

Nexter’s others solutions for future warfare 

Nexter, company of KNDS, also presents its combat-proven solutions for the various needs of any modern army such as the CAESAR 8×8, its entire range of ammunition and the NERVA robots.

  • The 8×8 is the heavy version of our long-range-proven artillery system. Thanks to an improved STANAG level 2 armour, an excellent all-terrain capacity allowed by its 8 wheels and 36 rounds ready to fire, it is perfectly adapted to a Central European
  • KNDS’ ammunition offer is exposed, ranging from medium calibre to artillery rounds. This includes our most recent ammunition, such as the SHARD 120mm improved APFSDS and the KATANA 155mm high-precision
  • The NERVA small robots are made to address a wide range of mission such as observation, demining, decoy or NRBC detection. With these systems, KNDS has a 10 years know-how in the field of robotics and prepares the heavy robots for the next decades