Jose Luis Inoges, Senior Area Mngr. Navantia briefing about F110 to Chaitali Bag ADU at IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video)

Hello, I’m Jose Luis Inoges, marketing and commercial intelligence director in Navantia. Navantia is a Spanish ship building company. We have more than 300 years of history. We build and design vessels, we have also a systems division, where we design and develop combat systems, communication systems, integrated platform management systems and even systems for land applications. We have been in the region for many years now, we have good interests, good commercial opportunities in this region and recently we were awarded with a big contract with Saudi Arabia, for the construction of five corvettes and for that reason we have also formed a joint venture together with SAMI and it’s name is going to be SANNI, SAMI Navantia Naval Industry. That has been officially launched here at NAVDEX, two days ago.

Okay, this is the model of the vessel, we have just started to build for Saudi Arabia, it’s a corvette based on our design Avante-2200. We are going to build five units in Spain and part of the scope of the work for the last two units will be done in Saudi Arabia by our joint venture SANNI.

This model that we have here is our new frigate for the Spanish Navy. This project is called F 110 frigate. We are hoping to get the contract finally signed before June or July. The design phase has been already discussed with the Spanish navy and we hope to have a new frigate for the future that will help us to be in the leading competition in the market for 25 years.