New Delhi. December, 2015. Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) prepares a modernisation plan in line with Five Year Plan of Government of India.  The plan is implemented as annual plan in each of the factories.  Annual plan prepared and finalized by Factory level PFC (Plan Finalization Committee) is reviewed by OFB and approved by PFC / OFB.

The expenditure on Modernisation under Renewal and Replacement  (RR including RR Capital) during last two Plan period is as under:-


2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 XI Plan


237.50 276.31 227.67 208.15 310.24 1259.87


2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16




XII Plan



415.85 697.00 562.57 488.00 570.00 2733.

Modernisation / Up-gradation of QC (Quality Control) infrastructure are carried out in Ordnance Factories as a means of maintaining the specified product quality.  Ordnance Factories induct new machines / equipment as well as replace the older one with the modern one to maintain the capacity as well as capability of quality control activities.


The indigenously manufactured Defence equipment exported by OFB during each of the last three years and current year, country-wise, is as under:-


Year Total value of export

(Rs. in crore)


Countries to which OFB products exported Nature of Items Exported
2012-13 1.53 Nepal Small Arms Spare, Small Caliber Ammunition
Indonesia General Stores & Clothing
Germany Small Caliber Ammunition
Italy Small Caliber Ammunition
2013-14 17.94 Nepal Explosives
Indonesia General Stores & Clothing
Italy Small Caliber Ammunition
Czech Republic Small Caliber Ammunition
Botswana Large Caliber Ammunition
Tajikistan Small Arms, Small Caliber Ammunition, Grenades
2014-15 21.72 Nepal Demolition Stores, Small Caliber Ammunition
Mauritius Medium Caliber Weapon, Small Caliber & Naval Ammunition
Italy Medium Caliber Weapon
Egypt Chemical


(up to November 2015)



(up to November 2015)

Indonesia General Stores & Clothing
Bulgaria Mortar Equipment, Mortar Bomb, Small Caliber Ammunition
Israel Small Caliber Ammunition