• Putin gives it a dash of glamour
  • Diminished international presence

By Sangeeta Saxena

Zhukovsky, Moscow. 20 July 2021. When most of the other international shows had decided to call it a zero event year MAKS 2021 opened with elan and didn’t let corona upsurge dampen the spirit. Somehow the world is scared and hence a very diminished global presence is visible in comparison to previous years. But for aviation buffs it was after a long gap queues at entry, filled up parking spaces and aircraft of all shapes and sizes set the adrenalin rushing. An the icing on the cake was the presence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin at the show, gave MAKS 2021 its dash of glamour .

“MAKS confirms its international status . It is important that this year, despite the difficulties caused by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, MAKS fully meets its international status. In total, directly or remotely, over 250 foreign companies from more than 50 countries are working at its sites.” , – said the President of Russia, while  inaugurating the show. 

“Over the past nearly three decades, MAKS has become an important and demanded platform for the presentation of the latest achievements of domestic and foreign aviation,” he noted. – There are lively discussions about the future of the global aircraft industry. Traditionally, an exciting flight program is offered, and the conclusion of contracts opens up wide opportunities for cooperation and the implementation of mutually beneficial projects,  ” he added. 

The partner country of MAKS-2021 is the Republic of Kazakhstan, with which Russia is implementing mutually beneficial projects in the field of aviation and astronautics, including the assembly of helicopters of the Mi family and the joint Baiterek project for launch services from the Baikonur cosmodrome. 

 By the decision of Aviasalon JSC, the organizer of MAKS-2021, the exhibition’s flight program has been substantially unified, which will allow guests from Wednesday to Sunday to enjoy a large-scale and exciting demonstration of the capabilities of aircraft and the skills of pilots. The duration of the demo program on any of the days of the public visit is expected to be at least three hours. In total, about 80 aircraft will be involved in the flight program within the framework of single and group aerobatics.

“The compilation of the scheduled flight schedule is carried out taking into account the need to create comfortable conditions for holding conferences, presentations and negotiations,” emphasized Roman Fedorov, head of the service for organizing the demonstration program, static exposition and airport services at Aviasalon JSC. “Therefore, flights of light aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles are planned in the interval before 13:00, helicopters will be added from 13:00 to 14:00, and heavy jet equipment will fly after 15:00.”

For the first time MAKS guests will be aces from India – the sky above Zhukovsky will be decorated with the aerobatic team of the Indian Air Force Sarang (translated from Sanskrit “Peacock”). Since 2004, the group has been flying four nationally made Dhruv helicopters. The aircraft is painted in bright colors with a stylized figure of a peacock superimposed on it. During the performances, the group demonstrates complex aerobatics, the spectacle of which is emphasized by the use of smoke generators.

Participation in the demonstration program was confirmed by the aerobatics teams of the Russian Aerospace Forces “Russian Knights”, “Swifts”, “Falcons of Russia” and “Berkuts”, as well as the “First Flight” aerobatic team. Svetlana Kapanina, a seven-time absolute world champion in airplane sports, will demonstrate her skills in a solo performance. The Gliding Federation will present the solo aerobatics of the Champions of Russia, Europe and the world in aerobatics on gliders.

And amongst the highlights is the display of the  Russian Unmanned Systems.