• Strong Planning and Customer Support Leads to 26% Market Share
  • Solid Business Position Continued into 2022

Dubai, UAE – October 25, 2022 – Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, a flash memory affiliate of Kingston
Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today
announced TrendForce has named it as the number one third-party supplier of SSDs in the channel for
all of 2021. According to TrendForce, Kingston accounted for a massive 26 percent of the 127 million
units shipped in 2021.

Although the pandemic continued to disrupt the supply of SSD related components in 2021,
shipments through global distribution channels saw an annual growth rate of 11%. While production
demand increased, shipment volume was affected when wafer supply was too limited to meet order
lead time. In response, Kingston adopted a limited supply strategy as product prices rose. These findings
show through Kingston’s global strategy for sourcing components, the company was well ahead of its
competitors considering a global pandemic and chip shortage. The results reinforced Kingston as the
clear leader in SSD production, as the second-place supplier accounted for only 8 percent of the total
channel market. As a category, third-party suppliers (non-semiconductor) SSD makers accounted for
58% of the total shipments in 2021.

Growing demand for gaming SSDs with PCIe 4.0 NVMe continues to define the market landscape
pushing module houses to steadily shift from SATA to PCIe. TrendForce predicts providing upgrades will
likely enhance brand recognition and continue to boost shipments. In 2021, Kingston added two PCIe 4.0
NVMe M.2 SSDs to its portfolio with the addition of KC3000 and Kingston FURY Renegade SSD. The high- performance drives joined Kingston’s family of client SSDs to enable those who demand speed and
reliability to handle intensive games and application workloads on desktops and laptop PCs. According
to TrendForce, price and the ability to provide comprehensive global production and sales services will
be an important factor in continuing to increase PCIe SSD shipments in the future.

Kingston Technology’s presence in the market is widely due to its strong relationships with
customers and channel partners worldwide. As the ongoing health crisis swept through the world and

businesses moved fast to adapt, Kingston continued to offer top-tier sales support and access to in-
house product experts and engineers who embody the “Kingston Is With You” working attitude that has
led to over three successful decades of reliability and support for customers. Kingston’s #1 rank in the
SSD market is no surprise when the same approach in the DRAM division has led the company to be the
largest third-party memory module supplier for the 19 th consecutive year.

“It’s an honor to achieve this top ranking as Kingston celebrates its 35 year anniversary”,
said Tony Hollingsbee, SSD business manager, Kingston EMEA. “From the beginning, Kingston’s focus
and core sales strength has been with our customers and channel partners worldwide. Together, these
successful relationships have helped our SSD business grow rapidly. The latest results from TrendForce
help validate these efforts, so we certainly share this success with them.”