Pune, January 31, 2020.Pune based Kalyani Group shall be showcasing its wide range of indigenous solutions and capabilities at the upcoming Defexpo 2020 at Lucknow. Three new Artillery platforms stand to be unveiled by them at the show – MarG Extended Range, which is a 155mm/52 cal Ultra-Light Howitzer; Garuda-105 V2, which is a 105mm gun mounted on their own “Go Anywhere Vehicle”; and 4×4 MGS, which is a 155mm/39 cal gun system mounted on a 4×4 platform. All three gun platforms and the “Go Anywhere Vehicle” have been indigenously designed and developed by Kalyani Group incorporating niche and advanced technologies. Visitors to Kalyani Stall can also witness ‘Kalyani M4’, which is a 4×4 armoured protected fighting vehicle that can provide side blast protection against 50 kgs of TNT explosives- the highest in its class. Another exciting product on display will be 6×6 ECARS, which is a UGV developed by the group which offers enhanced collision avoidance system, threat analysis and missions planning.

Kalyani Group’s ‘Journey to digital transformation’, will be conceptualized by creating an ‘Experience Zone’ for their esteemed guests to experience various niche and futuristic technologies that Kalyani group is currently working on, including HoloSuit, which is a full body motion tracking suit that virtualizes the human body motion and can be used to skill humans and robots using advanced AI.

The Kalyani stall shall also have a dedicated section for their partnerships. The group has been relentlessly working on bringing niche technologies in the country and has formed strategic collaboration with global OEMs to achieve the same. Their product profile in the field of Small Arms, Defence Electronics and their JV offerings can be viewed in this section.

Kalyani Group will be in Hall no 7 at the expo.