WALDWICK, NJ .  01 March 2021. Kallman Worldwide announces the launch of the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase, the 365-day, 24/7 commercial media platform (CMP) that combines the proven strength of trade shows with the power and speed of the Internet to become a permanent digital marketplace serving the aviation and defense industries.

Kallman Worldwide, a U.S. based global trade promotion company founded in 1963, currently present their flagship USA Partnership Pavilion across numerous physical industry exhibitions per year, enhanced by the introduction of Digital Trade Missions and briefings.

The integration of the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase (www.usaaerodefshowcase.com), officially launched on 1 March 2021 by Kallman Worldwide President Tom Kallman further expands their product portfolio and introduces a year-round content and media platform, allowing companies to display informational materials highlighting products and services.

The companies participating in the Showcase will each have a digital presence (“booth”) that is easily searchable by any keyword and includes a real time meeting booking system that enables visitors to request appointments with existing and potential U.S. business partners.

Trade visitors and exhibitors will also benefit from additional functionality, including a media center and Forum arena which will offer a full array of original and collated expert presentations, panel discussions, product launches and other relevant aerospace and defense industry insights. Forum content will be available both live and on demand, accessible 24/7.

Tom Kallman, President & CEO of Kallman Worldwide, described the role the Showcase plays in his company and in the industry. “We are trade show people” he said, “and at the nucleus of our success is one person connecting with another in a ‘let’s trade’ environment – trade names, trade ideas, trade requirements and capabilities, to see how we might be able to help each other.  For the past five decades we have been harnessing the capabilities of new technologies to create opportunities for our clients to connect with their global business partners. We are excited to launch the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase as a further evolution of this mission.”

Joe Brunoli, Program Manager for the Showcase, explains what makes this new platform unique. “We are not a virtual trade show,” he states. “We are not a ‘virtual’ anything. What we are is a commercial media platform that combines the centuries old mission of a trade show with the latest tools for online productivity and collaboration,” he said.

“Our platform goes far beyond social networking to provide an industry specific digital marketplace that is purpose-built to facilitate commerce and trade.”

The USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase, accessible at www.usaaerodefshowcase.com, will be hosted on all upcoming USA Partnership Pavilions creating “Phygital” exhibit areas. Trade show visitors will be able to search for relevant products and services, and then connect either on stands in the Hall, or book immediate or future face-to-face online meetings using the powerful video conferencing capabilities built into the platform.