• The echo of indigenous guns to boost self-reliance in defence

Pune, 12 August 2022: The Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System, developed by Bharat Forge Ltd. in collaboration with the DRDO, is set to fire during the celebrated 21-Gun salute at Red Fort on Independence Day. The moment is significant since this year marks 75 years of India’s independence and also the first time an indigenously developed gun will be fired on the occasion. This is both a matter of pride for the nation and an honour for Bharat Forge who have jointly developed the gun with DRDO.

The Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) is an indigenous 155 mm x 52 caliber howitzer gun. This has been developed as part of the Indian Army’s artillery modernization programme. It holds the world record with longest unassisted projectile range of 48 km and additionally has an all-electric drive. ATAGS has the unique ability to fire six-round bursts and can fire in Zone 7. The ultra-modern towed gun is manufactured with cutting-edge technology, with shoot and scoot capability and can fire a complete range of Nato Standard and in service ammunition. The gun boasts fast mobility in desert and mountainous terrains. This is a first-of-its-kind gun that can achieve the shortest minimum range at a high angle.

Commenting on the occasion, Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar said, “The initiative to use this indigenously developed gun will stand as a testament to India’s growing capacity of developing arms and ammunition indigenously. The gun has been specifically customised both in terms of blank firing and sound attributes so that it will be useful for ceremonial purposes.”

The Ministry of Defence has also shared a video of the guns in action on their YouTube channel.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j49PpE4IKE