New Delhi. 27 July 2016. A remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) of the Indian Navy on a routine training mission from Naval Air Station, INS Garuda ditched at sea 09 miles from Kochi at about 07:30 pm on 27 Jul 2016. The aircraft had got airborne 06:35 pm but developed critical engine malfunction and a controlled ditching was undertaken at sea.

Other IN and ICG Aircraft flying in the vicinity were immediately diverted to search for the ditched aircraft. The wreckage has not yet been sighted. Aerial search by IN Dornier and ALH is in progress.

Meanwhile ships at sea with divers and other necessary equipment have also been diverted to the crash area which has a depth of 24 metres to locate and recover the RPA. No personnel were injured in the incident. A Board of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the incident.