Past COs & SMs o the Regt

Somewhere in the Eastern Sector. 07 April, 2016. More than 100 veterans and 50 serving officers along with their families, settled in different parts of the country reached the North East edge of the nation to celebrate fifty glorious years of its service to the Indian army and the nation from 02 to 04 April 2016. 10 Commanding Officers of the Regt attended the function out of the 13 living legends. The regiment also hosted Nk Govind Surve the first Sapper to join the Regt.

In war, like any other combat engineers 112 Engineer regiment has provided mobility to own forces by constructing bridges, tracks and helipads and on the other hand denied the same to the enemy by creating obstacles such as laying mine-fields and demolition of bridges.

Aqua Ace_20160404_203555Unit was awarded Chief of Army Staff Unit Citation on Army Day on 15 Jan 2001 for display of exceptionally high order of professional, grit, determination and bravery during “OP VIJAY’’.Commanded by Col. N.B.Saxena the regiment had the privilege of being inducted in Operation Vijay in at Hostile heights of Kargil (Batalik Sec) in1999. Operated in Daha & Ganasak sector under 92 Mountain Brigade it was brought in for operations from 33 Corps located from Sukhna. All the three Coy’s were employed at the Line of Control simultaneously executing various Op Tasks like Mine Breaching, Animal Transport Track, Helipads and Kerosene Pipeline.


The Regt was raised on 04 Apr 1966 at Jodhpur under 12 Inf Div by Lt Col J S Ahuluwailia with four sub units as 288 Fd Coy, 289 fd Coy, 290 fd Coy and 318 Fd Pk Coy. Gallant Sappers of the Regt participated in Operation Cactus Lily in 1971, Bangladesh’s quest for freedom as a part of 19 Inf Div and executed the arduous task of Mine Laying and construction of Op Track. Further more 289 Fd Coy was assigned with the vital task to hold ground in Kaunrali Pass.

Regt took part in “OP TRIDENT” from 23 Jan to 31 Mar 87 as part of 14 Inf Div. It was followed by OP KASBA in which the Regt played a critical role in evicting a Pak intrusion into our territory at Darungli Nala (Poonch Sect). The Regiment was phenomenal in accomplishing other major Engineerr tasks like construction of composite bridge, animal transport track, mine laying and breaching. The stalwart who outshined was Nb Sub Parle Y G who was awarded Sena Medal (Gallantry) in this Ops.

During OP MEGHDOOT one Field Company moved to the Siachin Glacier for laying of Kerosene PPL at central glacier. Stretch I and stretch II of approx 24 Km was laid and commissioned in September 2001. OP PARAKRAM was another time of need when 112 expeditiously achieved the herculean task of laying Mines in the Area of Responsibility of 12 Corps . All the Minefields were later recovered without any casualty. The Regt also undertook the construction of underground Ops Room and laying of 13.5 Km long pipeline.

Aqua Ace_20160404_204710The regiment has been a part of the UN forces and has had been awarded the UN FORCE CDR CITATION.     During the Horizontal Mil Engineer Coy Ex it was conferred upon with “United Nations Mission Unit Citation” on 15 Oct 2014 in recognition for the meritorious  service and hard work displayed while executing multifarious Engr task in Malakal and Bentiu, Republic of South Sudan from Apr 2014 to Oct 2014.


The Regiment commenced   its golden jubilee celebrations with the traditional auspicious Mandir, Masjid and Gurudwara function .  All the veterans, serving personnel of the regiment including their families attended the function. The Regt has an enviable & illustrious history with Six Sena Medal, Three Mention in Despatches, 18 COAS Commendation and 61 GOC-in-C Commendation cards.

A family welfare meet was organized and conducted by all the ladies of the Regiment on 02 Apr at 1800 hrs.  All the ladies of the serving personnel including veterans attended the welfare meet. Mrs Nandita Rao wife of  late Maj Gen  J S Rao (Retd) 5th commanding officer of the Regiment  was the chief guest and graced the occasion by her benign presence.  A variety of events to include skit, songs and dance were performed by the ladies of the Regiment and was highly applauded.

The next day witnessed a friendly cricket match between Officers and (JCOs and other ranks). The Regiment lived upto the indomitable spirit which also saw veterans aged more than 75 years   playing with vigour. All the veterans and serving personnel displayed true sports men spirit. Maj Gen J S Rao memorial trophy was instituted on this occasion and was awarded for the team winning the match.

Release of First day coverA First Day Cover specially made on the occasion of the golden jubilee prepared by the Army Postal Services was released on 04April. Every year  the commanding officer’s banner is presented to the company for  standing overall first in all the inter company events and this year a special golden jubilee banner was presented to 288 Field Company for standing  overall first.

MalkhambThe Regiment organized a Gatka demonstration during the Pagal Gymkhana. Gatka is a traditional form of combat trg in which wooden sticks are used to simulate swords in sparing. A well trained team of Malkhamb of 12 participants demonstrated this traditional sport.

The Raising Day celebrations culminated with the Officers’ Mess function which was attended by all the veterans, serving officers of the Regiment and and all the JCO’s, NCO’s and soldiers.

Aqua Ace_20160404_203928The Regiment screened its rich history, its saga from 1966 to 2016. A Golden Jubilee silver trophy was unveiled during the function which was contributed by all the veterans and serving officers of the regiment. The trophy constitutes of 15 silver pillars each pillar depicting each successful tenure under 16 valiant commanding officers.


Aqua Ace_20160404_204329The Author Sangeeta Saxena was a part of the fifty years celebration of 112 Engr Regt as the wife of the 13th CO who commanded the regiment during Operation Vijay in 1999.