Dear Friends,

Just a fortnight back when I was writing the editorial , it was with a heavy heart, remembering the massacre of Uri and wondering why couldn’t we give it back to Pakistan. And today  I am really happy. We have given it back to them.

Our Army its elite commandos crossed the Line of Control and hit militant launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir with “surgical strikes”, killing 38 jihadis and two of their handlers.

This is the first time India has publicly acknowledged such an attack in an indication of the Narendra Modi government’s muscular approach to dealing with terrorism and threats to its security.

Hats off to our soldiers who completed the operation with surgical precision and to our government who made this revenge possible.

This came after the announcement from South Block that Prime Minister Modi will not attend the SAARC summit which was scheduled to be hosted by Pakistan in November. It  has been postponed after India pulled out of the event .

High time Pakistan realised that getting too big for the boots could be problematic. Isolation on the international front and criticism from within has made it secluded. Hope it learns some lessons from this episode of geo-politics.

Meanwhile we stand behind the government and the Army and I hope all parties which have raised the question on the truthfulness of the strikes, need to get themselves examined. Which DGMO would make a false announcement in front of the  world? Trust and unity in such times is very  important . Lets forget petty political rivalries and stand united against the menace of state sponsored terrorism perpetuated by Pakistan.

Jai Hind.