Greenwich, London. 13 September 2017. A new ‘Tactical Table’ for warships and naval support vessels is in focus on the Hatteland Display stand which has developed the touch-screen Series X 55” Ultra High Definition Tactical Table to act as a central focus on the bridge of naval vessels for navigational and operational decision making based on multi-data display from diverse sources and sensors on board.

As the largest display available in the market for maritime and naval applications, Hatteland Display’s new Tactical Table provides the size needed to integrate multi-data on a single screen while ensuring that it is easy to read and manipulate, using 40-point touch screen control. A highly flexible solution, it can deliver data from a wide variety of sensors and sources on board, making it a highly customisable option capable of supporting operations on a wide variety of littoral platforms. Crucially the high-end, 4K resolution panel ensures that multiple data types can be easily viewed under all conditions.

Already Type Approved and IEC 60945 tested the Series X 55” Ultra High Definition Tactical Table is one of the most reliable and feature rich decision support and control systems available for naval vessel bridges. With its Ultra High Definition, 4K resolution, unmatched brightness and contrast, and high reliability, it provides more clarity, detail and functionality for bridge officers to operate their vessels safer and more effectively. With a mechanical pod that houses a Hatteland Display HT C02 computer (optional) providing lift and tilt capability, the system is also set to become the foundation for new approaches to ergonomics and user-friendliness on naval bridges.

Other highlights on Hatteland Display’s DSEI stand come from its established line of MIL Qualified rugged display solutions that are tested and fully approved for naval users, including 20″ and 32” 4K resolution models designed for easy installation and reliable operation in integrated bridge systems and other critical control systems on board. The compact, MIL Qualified HM C02 naval computer will also be on display at DSEI. As successor to the highly successful HM C01 computer, which can be found on hundreds of naval vessels worldwide, it incorporates the latest processor technologies and enhanced feature sets, making it suitable for integration in modern control solutions for a wide range of contemporary naval applications.

“Our latest generation of maritime display and computer products meets the naval market’s demand for the highest quality ITC hardware that adheres to strict national and international regulations for quality, durability and functionality,” said Brede Qvigstad, Sales Director – Head of Naval & Defence, Hatteland Display. “While our naval products are 100% MIL Qualified and fit for purpose in the most hostile maritime environments, we are also committed to delivering innovations such as the Series X 55” Ultra High Definition Tactical Table, which supports the modernistaion of tactical planning and navigation operations on state-of-the-art new naval vessels.”