Dear Friends,

It is time once more to speak to you all . The nation’s blood is boiling and how can we at ADU remain unaffected by it. Gurdaspur followed by Pathankot and now Uri. Till when are we expected to keep silent. This was the biggest such attack on the Indian Army in a decade.

The hidden war, the war in the garb of civilians, has become the philosophy of Pakistan. Yes this is absolutely a war and one without ethics from Pakistan. Isn’t it high time India got out of its goody- goody act and gave it back to them.

The Indian political leadership and governing mechanism must know one thing clearly — when your enemy is not in a position to fight a direct war, he will continue with this sly strategy. There is no solution but to bash him and hit him hard.

Wars are not fought in isolation. Wars are first conceived in the mind. Only its manifestation is on the ground. In any war, your national aim and your political objective must be clear. There is a philosophy of warfare which says if you know your adversary and if you can deter him, then you can live in peace for 100 years. Secondly, it is not the severity of punishment, but the certainty of punishment that deters your enemy. These are factors that inhibit your enemy.

Unfortunately as a nation we have not been able to do that. Is Pakistan scared of our retaliation? We will be fooling our selves if we nod our heads in affirmation.
History could have been different and the morale of the troops too, had Hajipir been retained. But no one knows the reason for this return by the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri , as he passed away after signing the agreement at Tashkent. This always gives an advantage of altitude to the Pakistani troops.

We have conveyed to Pakistan that we have been weak in fortifying our defence bases, slack in procurement to keep the state-of-the-art readiness proof-Mumbai attacks and easy in succumbing to false friendship calls. Isn’t it time we looked into all these matters and conveyed to Pakistan that we are a country to be scared of.

PM Modi decided Pak must be diplomatically isolated internationally. A positive step indeed. But he needs to understand that we need to now really convey our strength not just a good image to the world. DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh strongly stated, “The Indian Army has displayed considerable restraint while handling the terrorist situation both along the Line of Control and in hinterland. However, we have the desired capability to respond to such blatant acts of aggression and violence as deemed appropriate by us. We reserve the right to respond to any act of the adversary at a time and place of own choosing,”. Strong words indeed but should be supported by action.

But the most important issue today is to bring an end to the grim situation in Kashmir and softly but surely get the people to understand the truth behind Pakistan’s role in this disturbance. A perception management exercise is very much the need of the hour. Pakistan a friend and India an occupying force has to be removed from their minds.

The toughest challenge is the role of the separatist elements. Separatists in Kashmir include both pro-Pakistan and pro-independence elements – who have different agendas. The pro-Pakistan and pro-independence elements should be clearly identified and dealt with differently. The day we convey to them that in India they can toe no other but Indian line and nationalism is the greatest priority, thinks might get better. Pakistan’s guts will also take some back seat if Delhi is able to do this.

It is never too late to begin and always too late to avenge the death of those who give their lives for the security of the nation. Time for talking tough has gone. It is now time to act tough.