Elbit Systems to Showcase an Array of Capabilities and Solutions at Aero India 2021 Elbit Systems to Showcase an Array of Capabilities and Solutions at Aero India 2021

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Elbit Systems to Showcase an Array of Capabilities and Solutions at Aero India 2021

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Haifa, Israel. 21 January 2021.  Elbit Systems display at the Aero-India 2021 exhibition will include a range of solutions presented at the Company’s stand and a variety of capabilities that will be showcased at its Indian partner’s stands, among them munitions, Electronic Warfare (EW), Signal Intelligent (SIGINT), airborne self-protection systems, solutions for rotary and fixed wing aircraft, training and simulation systems as well as communication solutions.

The following systems and solutions will be highlighted in Elbit Systems’ stand:

Airborne munitions: The supersonic Rampage air-to-ground guided missile, the Delilah long-range air-to-ground loitering missile, the GATR laser guided rocket solutions for air-to-ground or ground-to-ground applications, the SLR 70mm 7 tubes helicopter rocket launcher, the LIZARD family of Laser/GPS Guidance Kits general purpose bombs, the MPR 500 multi-purpose rigid penetration and surface attack bomb and Fuses for aerial munitions compatible with modern precision guided bombs such as JDAM, Paveway, LIZARD and hard penetrator warheads.

Airborne self-protection capabilities: The Mini-MUSIC DIRCM system, IR spectral decoy flares, a mini-countermeasure dispenser system and mini-IR decoy flare, the All-in-SMALL EW suite, the UREP Unified Self-Protection Suite for fighter aircraft.

Rotary & Fixed Wing Solutions: Brightnite™ non-gimbaled enhanced vision system for helicopters, Large Area Panoramic HD Airborne Display, Head Mounted Display and Display and Sight Helmet (DASH).

Training & Simulation Mission Management System: SkybreakerTM networked multi-cockpit aircraft training center, Special Mission Aircraft Suite

Communication Solutions, Data-Links and Search and Rescue solutions: E-LynX™ Mobile Tactical Software Defined Radios, StarLite Data-Links, Elad-10 wideband data-link system, Personal Recovery Device (PRD), PRC-648 Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) series, ELT 648 variant of the PRC-648 PLB, PRC 434/CS Advanced dual mode long-endurance Personal Rescue Beacon (PRC), Mission Airborne Radio & Computer Software Defined Radio (MARC/SDR).

Also at the following stands at the show, there will be display of variety of systems & solutions:


  • AES-212
  • Head-Up-Display


  • Mi-17 Indigenized Smart Glass Cockpit Demonstrator
  • SkylarkTM I-LEX
  • Sky-Striker loitering munition in Canister
  • Full drones portfolio
  • AFV solutions
  • RattlerTM GX
  • RattlerTM H
  • HattoriX PLDR
  • Mini coral
  • XACT th 70
  • E-LynX Family


  • Indigenous HMDS/HPS – Helmet Mounted Display System for helicopters
  • CoMPASS payload
  • SpectroTM
  • Mini-MusicTM
  • J-MusicTM
  • All-in-Small
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