November 6, 2017 – CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. – a company specializing in the field of electro-optics and IR defense and homeland security solutions – has a variety of its EO/IR systems playing a major role in coastal surveillance missions in Asian countries. The SPEED-ER Land-Based Ultra-Long-Range Observation System, including SWIR camera, Day zoom camera and spotter, FOX Thermal Imaging Cameras, and Land-Based EO/IR gyro stabilized gimbal were recently sold to Asian countries and are successfully participating in coastal protection missions in these countries.

According to Mr. Hagay Azani, VP Marketing & Sales of CONTROP, “The issue of coastal protection is becoming increasingly important for Asian countries with long coastlines that are in search for electro-optical systems to assist in these complex efforts. We have developed and are marketing a complete line of electro-optical solutions that are suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions and missions, so that we are now able to tailor a solution for any requirement that may arise.”

The SPEED-ER, recently sold to an Asian country, is a first-of-its-kind superb gyro-stabilized, land-based, ultra-long-range observation system. SPEED-ER’s 3 channels – Visible, Thermal and SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) – ensure sharp, clear and stabilized pictures. The SWIR provides outstanding images, even in conditions of haze, dust, rain or high humidity, and at any hour of the day or night. This capability makes SPEED-ER unique in the industry, and ideal for diverse and challenging applications and missions including coastal and border surveillance.
The FOX Thermal Imaging Cameras are integrated with coastal surveillance systems in India. The Fox Family of thermal imaging cameras (Forward Looking InfraRed), ideal for observation and scanning systems, use a proprietary, highly powerful continuous optical zoom lens. They provide excellent quality images for every application, have unique image enhancement algorithms for dynamic battlefield applications, and can be supplied with or without an enclosure.

The Land-Based EO/IR Payload Systems will be installed on high towers in an Asian country as part of a fully-integrated program for coastal surveillance. This is a unique ultra-lightweight gyro-stabilized EO/IR Day/Night Observation system. The high-performance, low-weight system delivers the benefits of a built-in thermal imaging camera with a continuous zoom lens, advanced image enhancement, automatic target tracker, picture-in-picture and more, all offered in one compact integrated package.

“Our systems use the most advanced technologies, such as SWIR, while remaining affordable,” Mr. Azani continued, “and thus are an ideal solution for the countries in the Asia Pacific region requiring proven coastal surveillance and protection.”