• Communications & Power Industries (CPI) will be showcasing its latest products and solutions at the 59th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention in Washington, DC.

Washington DC. 14 October 2022. CPI will be showing a representative selection from its portfolio of advanced traveling wave tube (TWT)-based microwave power modules (MPMs) and solid-state power amplifiers for electronic warfare applications.

CPI’s PTS10147 – solid-state with the latest GaN technology

Compact and lightweight, the solid-state broadband PTS10147 operates over the two to six GHz frequency range with a high power of 100 W (pulsed or continuous wave (CW)) and a linear gain of up to 60 dB.

The CPI PTS10147 microwave power module offers a high power-to-volume ratio.

The excellent power performance and the compact and lightweight construction of the PTS10147 have been achieved by employing gallium nitride (GaN) high-power transistors in the output and driver stages. This design provides the benefit of an extremely high power-to-volume ratio.

Designed with demanding electronic warfare applications in mind, the PTS10147 is particularly effective in electronic attack (jamming) roles.


CPI’s PTXM9754 microwave power module
CPI’s PTXM9754 microwave power module, which supports radar, electronic warfare, and communications systems for the U.S. military.

Operating at higher frequencies than the CPI PTS10147 MPM, this advanced unit has been developed in direct response to a demand for a “drop-in” replacement as an alternative to existing six to 18 GHz 100 W (minimum) MPMs.

It utilizes a “super-mini” traveling wave tube, a solid-state preamp, and an optimized high-density switched-mode power supply to form a single drop-in amplifier block. This design provides an FFF (form, fit, function) equivalent to existing six to18 GHz MPMs installed across many shipboard, airborne and ground-based systems.

The CPI PTCM Series of MPMs, which offers high power-performance utilizing single, dual and quad TWT combined solutions.

CPI’s PTCM Series models are suitable for high-power threat-simulation applications and are also used in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and scientific and medical applications. Pulsed variants are available at up to 42 GHz with an output ranging from 200 W to 50 kW. The CW versions operate from two to 18 GHz and can deliver in excess of four kW CW power. The standard single TWT variant is packaged in a 6U rack mount construction and meets demanding military standards.

CPI’s high-voltage power supplies, which offer multiple capabilities such as TWT command, control, and operation, in the most rugged of environments.

The VPW3552 and VPW3752 low- and high-band power supplies have multiple TWT capabilities and are fully qualified for shock, vibration, and life testing.

CPI also offers helix TWTs for ground, sea and airborne applications that are battle tested and ready for deployment.

The pulsed operational devices showcasing at AOC 2022, range from I-J-Band helix pulsed TWT’s, high-band airborne “mini” TWTs, I-J-Band helix Mini TWTs & the Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) pulsed TWTs. These are again fully qualified in their respective programs, meeting or exceeding the criteria required in the rigorous environments encountered by these devices.