New Delhi. Corporal Nilesh Kumar Nayan was deployed with Rashtriya Rifles in Counter Insurgency role in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir. Based on specific intelligence input about the presence of a group of terrorists, a cordon was laid at night on 10 Oct 17 for search operations on the outskirts of Hajin village. Corporal Nayan was in the inner cordon along with his track leader as stop party towards the rear of the target house.

At 0440 hrs on 11 Oct 17, five to six heavily armed terrorists charged out of their hideout, firing with automatic weapons and lobbing grenades directly towards the position of Corporal Nayan. Corporal Nayan was quick to respond and retaliated by heavy and accurate fire thereby containing the terrorists and preventing their escape. During the ensuing gun battle, his track leader was injured by bullet and shrapnel. He provided covering fire to ensure the safety of his comrade. The terrorists now directed massive fire towards his position due to which he was hit by a volley of bullets. However, Corporal Nayan displayed exemplary courage and in the highest traditions of military, held his ground. In spite of serious injuries, he killed one terrorist. The remaining terrorists now closed-in on to his position and directed all firing towards him. In the consequent battle with the escaping terrorists, Corporal Nayan fired at another terrorist and injured him. However in the melee, he suffered fatal bullet injuries and attained martyrdom. During the mission, Corporal Nilesh Kumar Nayan displayed extreme valour, highest order of camaraderie and with total disregard to personal safety made the supreme sacrifice for the nation.

For this display of raw courage, valiant gallantry and making the supreme sacrifice, Corporal Nilesh Kumar Nayan has been awarded Shaurya Chakra (Posthumous).