1.    Landmark events/achievements pertaining to Border Roads Organisation are as under:-

(a)     At present BRO is working on 852 roads (22803 Km), which include new construction, as well as improvement from single lane to double lane. BRO is alsomaintaining 322 roads of approximately 7315Km length and five Airfields           besides now clearance of 138 roads (4,325 Km) to ensure connectivity of border regions with rest of the country.

(b)     Achievements of Work Targets : BRO has achieved the following targets           of road construction during the period from 01 Jan 2017 to 30 Nov 2017.


Item A/U Achievement 2017-18
Formation Works Km  Eqvt Cl-9 569.05
Surfacing Works Km  Eqvt Cl-9 1356.56
Resurfacing Work Kms 759.79
Permanent Works Lacs 73396.00
Major Bridges Mtr 1711.10
Tunnel Lacs 23562.00


2.     Details of Important works undertaken during this FY are as under :-

(a)   Construction of Highest Motorable Road in Ladakh.  Project Himank has constructed the World’s highest motorable road in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, passing Umingla Top at a height of 19,300 feet. This strategically important road of length 86 Km, connects border villages ( Indo-China border) Chismle and Demchok to the mainland of Leh and will play important role in safe movement of troop to Indo-China border.

(b)     Inauguration of Bridge by Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble Raksha Mantri Under Project Himank in J& K. A pmt bridge SHYOK-I of 60 m span has been inaugurated by  Hon’ble Raksha Mantri on Road D-S-DBO under Project Himank in J&K. on 30 Sep 2017.

(c)      Inauguration of Three Bridges in Assam by MoS Home. Following      bridges have been inaugurated by Shri Kiren Rijiju, MoS Home on road Orang-   Kalaktang-Shergaon-Rupa-Tenga (OKSRT) on 14 Apr 2017:-

S/No Name of Bridge Location in Km Span of Bridge in Mtr
(a) Sher Bridge 38.500 35
(b) Shikari Bridge 37.645 40
(c) Balmu Bridge 48.510 60

(d)   Inauguration of Deopani and Injupani Bridge.  The construction of Major pmt Bridge of 300 m length on Deopani (Eze)  river  at km 2.00 on road Roing-Hunli and major pmt Bridge of 140.40 m length on Injupani river at Km 649.10 on road Roing-Koronu-Paya under Project Udayak in Arunachal Pradesh have been completed. These bridges are ready for inauguration.

(e)  Completion of Bridge on Manali-Sarchu Road  at Koksar.  Two Pmt   Bridges on Manali-Sarchu road at Koksar have been completed during Jun 2017 and opened for traffic on 03 Jul 2017.

S/No Loc (Km) Name of the Bridge Span (M) Class
(a) 71.200 Koksar-I 70 70R
(b) 71.900 Koksar-II (Multi Cell Box Culvert) 30.20 70R

(f)      Bhini Bridge.The Construction of Pmt Bridge of 259 M (07×37 M) 70 R, PSC Box type Double lane bridge has been completed at Km 42.59 on road Dhar-Udhampur under Project Sampark in J&K State. This was inaugurated by Dr Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (Independent Charge) & Minister of State in Prime Minister Office, Govt of India, on 18 Oct 2017.

(g)     Longwinti Bridge.The Pmt Bridge 60 m of Cl-70R has been completed at Km 14.52 on road Changwinti-Walong-Namti under Project Udayak in Arunachal Pradesh (District Anjaw). This shall facilitate the movement of troops towards Indo-Mayanmar Border in Arunachal Pradesh and also help locals for their day to day activities

(h)     Important Bridges on Rd D-S-DBO.

(i)    Wks on three Bailey Bridges on rd D-S-DBO has been completed and opened for traffic during FY 2016-17.

(ii) Progress of Permanent Br at Km 150 on Road DS-DBO. Due to      typicalterrain/river bed conditions, sub structure of the permanent bridge of 1,400 ft at km 150 is based on micro pile technology. Results of test   piles have been obtained and the design and drawing for Micro Pile    foundation for all the nine piers and two abutments has been approved on 28 Apr 2017. The work on micro pile foundations for piers has already commenced on site and planned to be completed during the current FY.

(i)   Completion of Bridges on Gangtok Chungthang Road. Two bridges at following loc have been completed and open for traffic.

(j)  42 m RCC bridge (B-III) at Km 10.80 inaugurated on 13 May 2017.

(k)     42 m RCC bridge (B-IX0 at Km 36.05 completed and inaugurated on 19 may 2017.

(l)     Theng Tunnel. To avoid frequent landslides at Km 86.00 on roadGangtok-Chungthang a horse shoe shaped NHDL specification tunnel of length     578 m had been planned. As on dated 95 % construction has been completed.  The work on tunnel is in full swing and is expected to be completed by end of     Dec 2017.

(m)    Visit of Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble Raksha Mantri to   Rohtang Tunnel Under CE (P) Rohtang in Himachal Pradesh. Ground    breaking ceremony of Rohtang Tunnel under CE (P) Rohtang Tunnel in         Himachal Pradesh was graced by Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble   Raksha Mantri and COAS along with   DRDO Chairman Dr S Cristopher on 15      Oct 2017.

(n)     ICBRs.   Out of 61 ICBRs entrusted to BRO, 27 roads of 962 Km are  completed and works on the balance roads are under progress and are in   different stages of completion. Also, connectivity to two ICBRs has been           achieved during 2017-18 totalling to basic connectivity achieved in 23 ICBRs.

(o)     Connectivity of Road.

(i)      ICBR Road Hapoli-Sarli-Huri  (278 Km) under   project Aruanank in           Arunachal Pradesh  has been connected at Km 32.30 (toward Huri) on 31           Aug 2017. Thus, Hapoli-Sarli Huri road is no more Heli maintained and now it is expected to speed up the completion of the road.

(ii)     Connectivity established between Km 20.00 to Km 71.00 on   Ghatiabagarh-Lipulekh road an operationally priority Road.

(p)     Appreciation to 81 RCC / Project Vijayak for Launching of 100 ft  DSBB on Jhankhar River. Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council has           appreciated to 81 RCC Project Vijayak for providing road connectivity to Niraq           Village by launching of 100 ft DSBB (Jhankhar river) at Km 12.00 on road           Yalchung- Niraq on 06 Nov 2017. This shall also boost the pace of construction   activities of strategically important road Nimmu-Padam-Dharcha.

(q)     Disaster Management by BRO in North East Region. In the recent  calamity/disaster from 7th Aug 2017 onwards in North East Region, Bailey Bridge at  Deopani had collapsed and road communication to Anini Roing region was cut off.  752 BRTF of Project Udayak has launched a bridge in a record time of 3 days, thereby providing great succour to the forces deployed in this region. Commitment of BRO pers in restoration of line of communication has been highly  appreciated by Cdr 117 Mtn Bde through his DO letter.

(r)      OP Juniper.

(i)      Physical Connectivity of Road Zodang-Donkyala-Kerang Physical connectivity on road Zodang-Donkyala-Kerang to Cl-9   specifications (19.25 Km length) connecting Lachen & Lachung axis in North          Sikkim via Donkyala Pass (highest motorable Pass in NE region   Alt-18024 ft ) has been achieved.

(ii)     All affected sinking area at Mile 5, Mile 8, Mile 10 & Mile 13 on       J-N-M road have been addressed and will be black topped by end      Nov 2017.

(iii)    Changu-Nakchok-Tamze.  The road Changu –Nakchok-Tamze in Sikkim under Project Swastik is 15.65 Km in length. The fmn cutting has been completed, 12.57Km surfacing work completed and connectivity has been achieved.

(iv)    Tamze-Chola. The road Tamze-Chola in Sikkim under Project Swastik is 8.60 Km in length. The fmn cutting has been completed in all   respects and 5 Km surfacing work  has been completed.

(s)      Award of Surya Trophy by GOC-in-C Central Command. 123 RCC of 21 BRTF/Project Shivalik has been declared as the  best RCC by HQ Central Command and Surya Trophy shall be presented  by GOC-in-C Central Command.

(t)      Unit Citation of Eastern Army command. 23 BRTF of Project     Arunank has been awarded the Unit Citation of Eastern Army commander.  This is the first ever unit citation awarded by any Army Command to a BRO unit.

(u)     Promotion of Officers.  On approval of DPC for promotion from SE   (Civ) to CE, order of promotion for seven officers has been issued on  30 Oct 2017.

3.       Various initiatives taken by BRO and MoD to expedite infrastructure development works, especially on operationally/ strategically important roads are as under :-

(a)     Delinking of Pay and Allowances of BRO Pers from Works Estimates. The case for delinking of pay and allowances of BRO personnel from works          estimates has been with the Govt. since many years. With vigorous pursuance of          the case and detailed reiterative deliberations with Ministry of Finance, MoD (Fin)      and MoD (BR), the Govt. approval has been accorded by MoD (BR) vide their       letter No. BRDB/04/74/W&B/2012 dated 03 Apr 2017. This decision of the Govt.  shall go a long way in better financial & administrative management in BRO with           focus on works with greater efficiency and transparency. It shall assist in      reducing the procedural complexities significantly and bring in clarity wrt the   works budget demand from the Govt.

(b)     Revision of Fin and Administrative Powers in BRO. Revision of financial and administrative powers wrt BRO has been received from MoD (BR)          vide their letter No. F No. 04/696/2015/D&P (BR –I) dated 11 Aug 2017. The        process was started in Dec 2015 and after protracted correspondence this has      been achieved. It is a big step in empowering BRO executives.

(c)  Revision of criteria for down gradation of V/E/P.