Le Bourget. 21 June 2017. BIRD Aerosystems, in cooperation with Textron Aviation Inc.displays a unique surveillance special mission concept which transforms the class-leading Cessna Citation CJ4 platform into a sophisticated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) special mission aircraft with BIRD’s field-proven Airborne Surveillance, Intelligence and Observation (ASIO) solution.

BIRD Aerosystems’ ASIO solution is a complete end-to-end airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system. ASIO provides decision makers and field commanders with accurate, real-time terrestrial and maritime information. Integrated with BIRD’s unique Mission Management System and using the latest surveillance and monitoring sensors, the ASIO solution has become one of the most affordable, reliable and capable Special Mission Aircraft Solutions available today. BIRD’s ASIO solution can be installed on a wide range of aircraft and is a complete yet highly customizable airborne operational system.

Ronen Factor, BIRD Aerosystems’ Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder, “Equipped with the ASIO solution, the Citation CJ4 jet is ideal for special surveillance missions, and allows its users to enjoy extraordinary capabilities as it is able to carry multiple sensor configurations that support diverse operational missions. BIRD’s ASIO solution ensures that the entire operating team has an accurate, unified and comprehensive situational overview as well as all the information they need in order to make decisions in real time. We are pleased to present our concept at the Paris Air Show”.