Bengaluru. 23  November 2022. Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has signed an LAToT with the Centre for High Energy Systems and Sciences (CHESS), a DRDO lab, for the manufacturing of Multi kW Beam Directed Optical Channel (BDOC).

The “Multi-kilo Watt Beam Directing Optical Channel” is the core of any Laser DEW system. Beam Directing Optical Channel is a complex system of precisely placed lenses and mirrors capable of handling high power laser. It is responsible for delivering very accurate, focused and stabilised laser beam on to the target.

The signing of this LAToT will enable BEL to undertake manufacturing of “Multi-kilo Watt Beam Directing Optical Channel”at its state-of-the-art Pune manufacturing facility, where various high-end and mission-critical EO and laser systems are being manufactured for the past three decades.