• The company, a subsidiary of Grupo Embraer, develops and integrates systems for monitoring a country by ground, air and sea

Sao Paulo. 12 June 2018. A country’s defense entails the integration of ostensive resources, of systems aimed at a full situational awareness for intelligence decision-making. This is one of the differential features that Atech, a subsidiary of Grupo Embraer, is presenting broad product range, the company offers customized solutions for defense and public security.

Among the solutions in display, Arkhe Integrated Surveillance stands out, being already in use in Brazil and abroad. Arkhe Integrated Surveillance provides the integration of information transmitted by systems and sensors in real time so an armed force can make more assertive decisions during missions for monitoring and containing threats.

Designed for defense, the system operates in territory control and monitoring. It enables monitoring the access by land, air and sea to a country or region, identifying possible threats and warning the command chain for a quick intervention. Arkhe Integrated Surveillance receives information from different sensors – ground, air and sea meteorological radars, and cameras – as well as other centers and entities (fixed and mobile) that are part of an integrated communication network. It hence enables data fusion and correlation, besides the exchange of strategic information, thus providing the operation command with the most complete view of the tactical scenario.

Besides integrating different existing systems already in place, the modular and scalable architecture of Arkhe Integrated Surveillance allows implementation in phases, in sync with a client’s requirements as well as their budget. It is a way of making important defense projects viable and at the same time ensuring the client stays within their true needs.

Besides being present in Brazil, Arkhe Integrated Surveillance is already being implemented in Africa, constituting the systemic base for all defense and monitoring of the country in which it operates. That is an evidence of the maturity and reliability of Atech products in the defense and security market. “In this case too, Atech integrated inherited systems and existing resources to a command center completely developed for catering to the client’s needs. We also developed an air traffic control integrated system for ensuring the full safety of this solution,” explains Atech’s director for Business, Giacomo Staniscia.