Geneva. 24 May, 2016. Asian Business Aviation Association – AsBAA the region’s largest non-for-profit representative trade body has been in a series of meetings with their European and US counterpart in Geneva this week.  The trade association, buoyed by recent positive announcements from the Central Government of China of further support for business aviation sector, is talking more positively on the longer term sustainability of the industry and cooperation with entities in Europe.
AsBAA Chairman, Charlie Mularski said at the event that, “The landscape is changing and becoming more collaborative between industry bodies such as AsBAA and global Governments. Gone are the days of one company getting what they want on an individual basis. Governments in Asia are more open to speaking with industry representatives that can speak for all stakeholders and provide useful, accurate data and intelligent solutions to complex problems of airport and airspace accessibility. Being part of working groups, attached to Government led think tanks and lobbying has become the standard at AsBAA HQ this past 18 months since the board expanded its voluntary manpower. Since November 2014, we have seen significant changes in how AsBAA is perceived across the region, it’s been an absolute joy to witness the sea change but it was achieved through a lot of hard work and there is still a long way to go. We are confident though that the flightpath between Asia & Europe is truly opening up for General & Business Aviation for investment opportunities, which bodes very well for future development”.
Speaking of the market in Asia and lessons to be learned from Europe, Mularski went on to say, “This quieter period on transactions is no reflection on the demand to use the existing fleet of aircraft already in Asia, many of which are medium to long haul aircraft assets so the need to be connected with the European latest regulations is important. The recent ratification of the open skies policy under ASEAN earlier this month is also a positive sign of the needle moving in the right direction for civil aviation in our part of the world. There are lessons to be learnt from Eurocontrol and other policies that AsBAA can relay to the authorities in Asia. We are delighted to be representing & advocating Asian General & Business Aviation efforts globally, particularly in Europe where there are many lessons and case studies we can learn from. With the backdrop of #EBACE16, we can appreciate the immediate challenges the industry faces both economically and structurally but celebrate the great strides made over the last year in improved relations, communications and professionalism which Government now bestow responsibilities on to us as a professional industry trade organisation. The implementation work really begins in earnest and we relish the challenge and opportunity in Asia.”
In Summary, AsBAA’s view of the industry in Asia is positive over the longer term. The industry itself is getting better organised, more funding is becoming available and there is a real sense of the industry coming together on common issues and recognition that bodies like AsBAA in the region are part of the ‘Change for Good’ program that Governments work with to raise, discuss and resolve issues together. The flight path is becoming clearer, a long way to go, but there is a blueprint being developed by industry for industry to achieve ultimate success under AsBAA that can be rolled out regionally.