Moscow. 20 August 2022. Major General Alexander Osadchuk, Head of the Main Directorate for Innovative Development, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation informed that attendance at the main site of ARMY 2022 International Military and Technical Forum in Moscow region, including the venues of  Patriot Exhibition Centre, Patriot Park, the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces and the Memory Road Memorial Complex on August 19, was about 184,000 people.

More than 28,500 people visited Alabino training ground, where the Forum’s dynamic demonstration programme was held, as well as Tank Biathlon competition. More than 17,500 people saw the flight programme at Kubinka airfield.

The regions continued to work as well. More than 283,000 people visited the forum venues deployed at 35 sites in the military districts and the Northern Fleet.

In total, more than 845,000 people visited the Forum sites, including the regional venues.

On the 5th day, official delegations from defence ministries of 53 foreign countries continued their work at the Forum, including:

at the level of defence ministers – 4 states;

at the level of chiefs of staff – 3 states;

at the expert level – 6 states;

at the level of representatives of foreign embassies in the Russian Federation – 40 states.

There have been no international activities.

On August 19, the Forum hosted 68 events as part of its scientific-business programme. Round tables, conferences and briefings were held at a high methodological level, with the participation of well-known public figures, military experts, general designers and leading scientists.

A total of 4,193 people took part in the events of the scientific-business programme, with the total number of participants exceeding 20,000 over the five days.

The dynamic programmes at Alabino training ground and at Kubinka airfield were carried out in full.

The shooting galleries of the Multifunctional Shooting Centre, Concern Kalashnikov, and High Precision Systems provide a demonstration of the capabilities of promising small arms.


Today is the 6th day of the forum and the second day aimed at the general public.

As part of the scientific-business programme, 35 events are planned today: 22 round tables, 10 briefings, 3 meetings.

The main ones are The First International Anti-Fascist Congress, chaired by the Secretary of State – Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Pankov; meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defence’s Commission on Innovative Projects and Technologies, organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence’s Main Directorate for Innovative Development.

The flight programme at Kubinka airfield offers demonstrations for the masses of Swifts, Russian Knights and First Flight aerobatic teams, as well as solo aerobatics on Yak-130, Su-30, Mig-29, Extra and Mi-28n helicopters.

Programme of events at Kubinka airfield includes a gliding competition for young spectators, master classes in model aircraft assembly and aeronautical drawing, as well as the launch of model of planes and aerial combat game.

Forum participants and guests will be able to visit such unique sites as the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Memory Road multimedia historical and memorial complex, the Field of Victory open-air museum, and the national treasure, the collection of armoured vehicles of the Patriot Park Technical Centre.

The forum’s main stage at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre will feature performances by bands and ensembles from the Ministry of Defence and creative groups from Moscow and the Moscow region.

The first stage of Safe Environment international competition was held at Sazagan training ground in the Republic of Uzbekistan . The first stage of the international competition for the best NBCP crew of Safe Environment – Individual Race – was held at Sazagan training ground of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The results of the individual races were as follows: first place went to Team Uzbekistan.

Teams from six states – Belarus, China, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam – are taking part in the international stage of International Army Games 2022 Safe Environment competition.