New Delhi . 02 December 2021. Air Works has unveiled its new identity with a refreshed brand logo. Celebrating its 71-year-old legacy as the dominant player in the Indian Aviation, Aerospace and Defense space with a resilient and adaptive attitude, the brand’s logo signifies an identity that is bold solid, bold, confident, and contemporary. The invigorated identity expresses Air Works’ strengths and values but retains its versatility
to the core.

The logo change comes after more than a decade, as the company is readying to don a bold new avatar that doesn’t just emphasize its values and industry acclaimed workmanship, but also conveys its market-leading position, at the global level, via strong, assertive colors. As the Indian aviation and aerospace industry leapfrogs into a higher trajectory with burgeoning users both on the civil and defense side, Air Works with its new brand identity is well-placed to cash in from these emerging opportunities.

Unveiling the refreshed logo, D Anand Bhaskar, Managing Director & CEO of Air Works Group said, “Indian aviation – both civil and defense – are at the cusp of great changes in the coming times. With burgeoning air traffic, India is all set to realize its vision of a global civil aviation hub in the near future. The expanding market is also breeding intense competition among regional players (APAC & the Middle East) in the Engineering & Maintenance space. In sync with this ever-evolving dynamic, Air Works has embraced its new identity to reiterate its dominant and distinctive position, and to fuel our next phase of growth in this decade.”

Structural changes in the new logo include widening the gap between AIR and WORKS to stress their distinctiveness along with changing the color of the letters AIR WORKS from black to a more assured and cooler blue. The logo also uses dominant colors replacing the old vignette.

Weaving a narrative, the lines of the logo remain unending on either edge reflecting infinite possibilities, an innate receptiveness to change, and the quintessential Air Works’ adaptability that has helped the company last for over 71 years, while reinventing itself all the while to stay ahead of the curve and lead the transformation of Indian aviation and MRO ecosystem. Meanwhile, the brand promise of ‘FLY ASSURED’ remains unaltered, giving a message of change with continuity.

Commenting on the new identity, Gaurav Sahni, Associate Vice President & Head – Brand & Communications of Air Works said, “The new logo embodies the message of change with continuity. Air Works with its 71-year-old legacy is contemporary, agile & quick to adapt to the evolving environment as it prepares to make rapid strides in the Indian aviation ecosystem. In a short period, we have evolved as a more visible and vocal brand in several aspects including the having one of the biggest social media communities among leading sectoral players. This refreshed brand logo, together with an entirely new and vibrant color palette will further solidify our market positioning as a brand of reckoning, strengthening our commitment and connect with the Indian aviation, aerospace, and defense sectors.”

“It was an interesting challenge to build on a solid legacy and infuse the new vision and energy in to an already vibrant and dynamic identity. Creatively, it wasn’t really about a change, it was about strengthening what exists, and that’s even tougher than starting from scratch”, says Rajesh Sikroria from Pontem Integrated, the agency that designed the new identity.

The new identity is well timed, given that Air Works is rapidly evolving into a more structured, digital, collaborative, transparent, and visible organization. The brand has also spread its wings and added segments such as Defense and Aerospace to its portfolio, leveraging technology transformation in the form of 3D Printing Solutions. The company has expanded, both in capacity and geographical terms in recent years.