1615 – The fortress of Osaka, Japan, fell to shogun Ieyasu after a six month siege.

1647 – The British army seized King Charles I and held him as a hostage.

1783 – A hot-air balloon was demonstrated by Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier. It reached a height of 1,500 feet.

1784 – Marie Thible became the first woman to fly in a hot-air balloon. The flight was 45 minutes long and reached a height of 8,500 feet.

1794 – British troops captured Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

1805 – Tripoli was forced to conclude peace with U.S. after conflicts over tribute.

1816 – The Washington was launched at Wheeling, WV. It was the first stately, double-decker steamboat.

1878 – Turkey turned Cyprus over to Britain.

1918 – French and American troops halted Germany’s offensive at Chateau-Thierry, France.

1919 – The U.S. Senate passed the Women’s Suffrage bill.

1924 – An eternal light was dedicated at Madison Square in New York City in memory of all New York soldiers who died in World War I.

1931 – The first rocket-glider flight was made by William Swan in Atlantic City, NJ.

1940 – The British completed the evacuation of 300,000 troops at Dunkirk, France.

1942 – The Battle of Midway began. It was the first major victory for America over Japan during World War II. The battle ended on June 6 and ended Japanese expansion in the Pacific.

1943 – In Argentina, Juan Peron took part in the military coup that overthrew Ramon S. Castillo.

1944 – The U-505 became the first enemy submarine captured by the U.S. Navy.

1944 – During World War II, the U.S. Fifth Army entered Rome, which began the liberation of the Italian capital.

1954 – French Premier Joseph Laniel and Vietnamese Premier Buu Loc initialed treaties in Paris giving “complete independence” to Vietnam.

1960 – The Taiwan island of Quemoy was hit by 500 artillery shells fired from the coast of Communist China.

1974 – Sally Murphy became the first woman to qualify as an aviator with the U.S. Army.

1986 – Jonathan Jay Pollard, a former Navy intelligence analyst, pled guilty in Washington to spying for Israel. He was sentenced to life in prison.