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19th December in History

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1928 – 1st autogyro flight in US

1932 – British Broadcasting Corp begins transmitting overseas

1941 – Hitler takes complete command of German Army

1945 – Austrian Republic re-establishes

1946 – War breaks out in Indochina as Ho Chi Minh attacks French in Hanoi

1950 – Gen Eisenhower named NATO commander

1950 – Tibet’s Dalai Lama flees Chinese invasion

1958 – 1st radio broadcast from space (President Eisenhower voice “To all mankind, America’s wish for Peace on Earth & Good Will to Men Everywhere”)

1971 – NASA launches Intelsat 4 F-3 for COMSAT Corp

1972 – Apollo 17 (last of Apollo Moon landing series) returns to Earth

1989 – American Airlines purchases Eastern Airline’s Latin American route

2012 – Park Geun-hye wins the South Korean presidential election to become the nation’s first female president

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