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15th December in History

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1612 – German Astronomer Simon Marius is 1st to observe Andromeda galaxy through a telescope

1877 – Thomas Edison patents phonograph

1939 – Snip departs for 1st flight to Paramaribo/Curacao

1941 – German submarine U-127 sinks

1941 – Nazi’s transfers 100 Czech citizens/Heinrich Himmler falls faint

1941 – USS Swordfish becomes 1st US sub to sink a Japanese ship

1941 – The American Federation of Labor adopts a no-strike policy in war industries.

1964 – 1st time 4 people in space

2006 – First flight of the F-35 Lightning II.

2009 – Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner makes its maiden flight from Seattle, Washington.

2013 – China successfully lands its moon rover on the moon


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