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Indian Navy Concludes Theatre Level Exercise Tropex 2017

New Delhi. 27 February 2017. The Indian Navy’s Annual Theatre Level Readiness and Operational Exercise (TROPEX 17) was conducted on the Western Seaboard from 24 Jan 17 tillRead more ›

Indian Chief of Naval Staff in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman

New Delhi. 26 February 2017. Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of the Naval Staff, Indian Navy is visiting United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman on a bilateral visit fromRead more ›

Defence Security Corps Celebrates 70th Raising Day

New Delhi. 26 February 2017. Defence Security Corps (DSC), which was raised on 25 February 1947 as ‘Defence Department Constabulary’, celebrated its 70th Raising Day. DSC troops haveRead more ›

28th February in history

202 BC – coronation ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor Gaozu of Han takes place, initiating four centuries of the Han dynasty’s rule over China 1638 – TheRead more ›

27th February in history

380 – Edict of Thessalonica: Emperor Theodosius I, with co-emperors Gratian and Valentinian II, declare their wish that all Roman citizens convert to trinitarian Christianity 425 – TheRead more ›

26th February in history

747 BC – Epoch (origin) of Ptolemy’s Nabonassar Era. 364 – Valentinian I is proclaimed Roman Emperor. 1616 – Galileo Galilei is formally banned by the Roman CatholicRead more ›

61 CAVALRY Bags the Army Polo Championship

New Delhi. 25 February 2017. The Army Polo Championship that commenced on 31 Jan 2017 saw a thrilling final match on Friday between 61 CAVALRY and Army ServiceRead more ›

MBDA To Lead The Mid-Life Refurbishment of Storm Shadow / SCALP

Paris. 24 February 2017. The UK and French Ministries of Defence have jointly announced they have contracted MBDA for the mid-life refurbishment of Storm Shadow / SCALP EGRead more ›

25th February in history

138 – The Roman emperor Hadrian adopts Antoninus Pius, effectively making him his successor. 1336 – Four thousand defenders of Pilėnai commit mass suicide rather than be takenRead more ›

INS Betwa on Even Keel

·        To be Fully Operational by April 2018 Mumbai. 24 February 2017. INS Betwa, a P-16A Class frigate has been made upright by the unstinted efforts put inRead more ›